About this Project

Client: S.I.N.siZZle

Release Date: March 2017

When taking on Never Scared, a music video project for the hip-hop artist S.I.N.siZZle, we knew we were going to have to utilize the harsh and beautiful elements of a Vermont winter to tell this song's story of strength and overcoming fears. We chose the backcountry of Mount Mansfield for the location.

On a subzero day in early February James, Timbre, and crew hiked to the Taft Lodge on top of the mountain to capture some ice beauty and to launch the drone for a birds eye view of the fresh powder. Two weeks later, on a much warmer Valentines Day, we linked up with S.I.N. and set about a days worth of filming the rapper hiking and performing in and around the iconic town of Stowe. The Catholic Church serving double duty on the Saint's day, as great film location as well as ground zero for costume change. Church!