About this Project

Client: Robin Sunquiet

Release Date: December 2017

For the music video to Robin Sunquiet's track Light, we wanted to capture sun drenched, light hearted, and layed back good times for the artist's reggae influenced conscience-pop song. So we headed down to the Florida Keys for two bright, sunshiney weeks of cruising in Robin's pimped-out traveling recording studio Sprinter, filming the singer / songwriter at the many beautiful beaches and favorite hangouts found on the islands.

We put on our sunscreen and were sure to drink plenty of coconut water as we went out for two back to back days of filming on the beaches of Bahia Honda and Fat Deer Key. After a couple more days on the beach to rest, we met up with Bubble George to employ his skills as master bubble blower for a magical afternoon of filming on Marathon Key. Next, we hit the historic town of Key West for a week of filming at places like the botanical gardens, historic sea port, and finishing up with a day in the the classic downtown neighborhoods with a three wheeled bicycle scene. Eating a steady supply of tropical fruits, making friends with the local wildlife, and doing the Crab Dance all along the way.

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Key West Robin Sunquiet
Robin Sunquiet Light 2.jpg