About this Project

Client: Maiz Vargas Sandoval

Release Date: October 2016

Gaia Llama, the project for Costa Rican gypsy Maiz Vargas Sandal's afro-cumbia orchestra "Mal Maiz" song, needed to have both traditional and modern elements. There is a plethora of symbolism in this video's tale of creatures of the earth, the shaman, and the devil. On the day of filming, we got an early start setting up gear and props in our various locations at Burlington Vermont's Oakledge Park, while the cast focused on elaborate make up and hand made costumes.

Working together as a team, with all of 14 hours total we had to do the entirety of the shoot, we powered through the action packed day: with gods, wild animals, their various stunts, and a pyrotechnics crew to boot. We went home that night super excited to begin editing the finished product you see above.. 

Mal Maiz 3.jpg
Mal Maiz 1.jpg
Mal Maiz 7
Mal Maiz 5
Mal Maiz 4.jpg