Client: Flynn Center for the Performing Arts

Release Date: August 2017

For this awesome video we joined forces with the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts Music Video Creation troupe, who did an outstanding job when tasked with picking the song, basic concept, sets, locations, props, and costumes.

Lois Trombley, the Swan Dojo choreographer, had just two days to work with the chosen song (Believer by Imagine Dragons) and a heavy theme of light vs. dark to create and teach the kids some killer dance routines to match the vibe. Sure enough, these amazing young performers nailed their performances on day one of filming, allowing for day two to be devoted to capturing some seriously passionate freestyle moves and improvised lip syncing for a finished product that is both powerful and inspiring.

Believer 2.jpg
Believer 4-1.jpg
Believer 3
Believer 1